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12 Days of Cookies - Maple Pecan Cookies

In the wonderful world of cookies, there's a classic that nails the cozy and fancy mix—the Maple Pecan Cookies. Our cooking adventure starts with the easy-to-use Basic Butter Dough, ready to turn into a treat that perfectly balances the rich nuttiness of pecans with the bold sweetness of maple. As we dive into this flavor journey, we're keeping things simple. It's all about making it easy and fun in the kitchen. 


The simplicity of the Basic Butter Dough shines as we fold in the pièce de résistance—the pecans. Chop these buttery nuts to your desired size, whether finely minced for a subtle crunch or left in small chunks for a more pronounced bite. 


Pecans, with their distinct flavor profile, add a delightful complexity to the canvas we've created. Their rich, buttery taste harmonizes with the sweetness of the dough, creating a medley that promises a sensory journey with every bite. 

Maple Pecan cookies

Maple Glaze

Making a maple glaze is a simple yet transformative process that adds a rich, sweet finishing touch to your baked goods.



1 cup of confectioners sugar

½ tbs of maple syrup

¼ tsp of maple extract

1-2 tbs of water

pinch of salt


In a medium bowl, whisk together the confectioners sugar, maple syrup, and maple extract until smooth. Add the water as needed. The glaze consistency should be thick enough to coat a cookie. You can set it aside and warm it in the microwave when it's time to use it.

Some Tips…

  1. Quality Ingredients Matter: The foundation of any great glaze is using high-quality ingredients. Opt for real, pure maple syrup, confectioners' sugar, or any other primary ingredients in your glaze. Quality ingredients contribute to a smoother texture and a more authentic flavor. Additionally, using fresh ingredients enhances the overall appeal of your glaze.

  2. Consistency is Key: Achieving the right consistency is crucial for a glaze that spreads or drizzles smoothly over your cookies. Start with a base recipe and then adjust the quantities of your liquid and dry ingredients (confectioners' sugar) until you reach the desired thickness. If your glaze is too thin, add more sugar; if it's too thick, add more liquid. This allows you to have better control over the application and appearance of the glaze.

  3. Temperature Matters: Pay attention to the temperature of both the glaze and the cookies. If your glaze is too warm, it may become too thin and runny, potentially sliding off the cookies. On the other hand, if it's too cold, it may not spread or drizzle easily. Aim for a moderate temperature, and if needed, you can warm or cool the glaze slightly to achieve the right consistency.

  4. Experiment with Flavors: Don't be afraid to get creative with flavors. While a classic vanilla glaze is delightful, consider adding extracts like almond, rosemary, or even a splash of flavored liqueur to infuse unique tastes into your glaze. Experimenting with flavors can complement the overall flavor profile of your cookies and add an extra layer of depth.

  5. Embrace Decorative Techniques: Elevate the visual appeal of your cookies by experimenting with decorative techniques. Use a spoon for a classic drizzle, or dip the tops of your cookies directly into the glaze for a fully coated finish. Consider adding sprinkles, edible glitter, or finely chopped nuts to enhance the texture and appearance of your glazed cookies.

And there you have it—a homemade maple glaze ready to elevate your Pecan Cookies or any other baked goods with its sweet, rich flavor. Enjoy the delightful combination of pecans and maple in every delectable bite!

Maple Pecan cookies

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Maple Pecan Cookie Ingredients

  • Prep: 15 Minutes
  • Cook: 15 Minutes
  • Total:  30 Minutes
  • Serving: 1 Cookie
  • Yield: 15 Cookies



Maple pecan cookies

Directions for Maple Pecan Cookies

  1. Preheat your oven to 350°F (175°C) and line baking sheets with parchment paper.
  2. Fold the crushed pecan nuts into the Basic Butter Dough until evenly distributed.
  3. Once combined, roll the dough out and use a cookie cutter to cut your cookies.
  4. Place the cookies on a parchment-lined cookie sheet.
  5. Bake for 12-15 minutes or until the edges are golden brown.
  6. Allow the cookies to cool on the baking sheets before transferring them to wire racks.
  7. Dip the cooled cookies in the warm glaze and put back on the cooling rack to dry. 
  8. Enjoy!


This is the same glaze we used on the Miso Maple cookies, so if you haven't made those yet, but plan to, double this batch of maple glaze and save half of it in the fridge for later.

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