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12" Cast Iron Braising Pan

12" Cast Iron Braising Pan

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Beauty and function in family size.

Intentionally designed to have two handles, where many other pans would just have one... The heft of iron should be held with comfort and confidence. With sidewalls that are low enough to work in easily, and high enough to hold a full meal, this pan will be your go-to for family dinners for generations. Seasoned with organic flaxseed oil, ready to use right out of the box. Made to last in Providence, Rhode Island USA.


Cast Iron Care:

Three Rules:

1. Don't use the dishwasher

2. Don't soak it in the sink

3. Don't put it away wet


Gently scrape off any food bits with a spatula, and wipe out any excess oil with a rag or paper towel, then rinse under warm water.

Don’t be afraid to scrub if you need to. You can use coarse salt to help as well. If you’ve got a tough mess, it’s ok to use a dab of soap* along with a nylon brush, sponge, or scrubby cloth.


After washing, make sure to dry your pan completely. Use a towel - don’t air dry (remember, rust is iron oxide. Wet cast iron plus air equals rust). You can heat your pan on medium-low over the stove to help it along if you like.


Immediately after your pan is dry, and while it’s still warm (not hot), add a few drops of oil and use a paper towel to lightly coat the entire interior. Work it in evenly, wipe off any excess, and let it cool before storing. This thin coat of oil protects your pan from rust and adds to its seasoning.

Dimensions: 12" pan that weighs 7.5 pounds

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