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Rosemary Sugar Keeper

Rosemary Sugar Keeper

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This handmade ceramic sugar keeper is a must have tool in the kitchen. It has three uses 

1. Sugar : soak the keeper in water and then throw it in with your brown sugar to keep it soft. 

2. Warmer: warm it up in the oven and then place it at the bottom of a bread bowl to keep your bread rolls warm! 

3. Pot Minder: place it in a pot and it will keep the water from boiling over.  The keeper disrupts the bubbles that gather at the bottom of the pot, thus preventing boiling over. 

Inspired by vintage wrapping paper and textiles, this hand painted cookie plate is an instant heirloom piece. Great for serving at parties or setting out for Santa’s visit. This is a limited edition plate. There is only one  


5” Sugar Keeper

Material: Ceramic

Made in the USA

Care: Hand-wash only

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